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Cooking with apples, Korean Fried Chicken and Gourmet products to try Plus much more

Fall Must haves, Styling tips for the season, Makeup to update your look  Plus more

24 Hours in Quito, Ecuador, Tour Guide Lola Berry and Editors packing tips for Singapore, Plus more



City Style and Living Magazine editors letter fall golden gate bridge
Travel in the Social Media Age | Editors Letter Fall 2016
What does travel look like in the era of social media? Does it mean we travel more deeply, with greater insights into the destination? Or are we now merely skimming the surface?

City style and living magazine Editors Notebook style fashion blogger slipdress metallic choker Fairmont hotel vancouver 2
The Metallic Choker and Slipdress
The 1990’s return of the choker has been a trend since early 2016- from thick velvet gothic styles to thin lace style and for Fall and Winter the metallic choker is all the rage and we are hugs fans.

stanley park vancouver
6 Awesome Adventures in Vancouver
Some of CSL’s fave things to see and do in and around Vancouver, British Columbia.

City Style and Living Magazine gardening reduce stress
Pay Dirt How Gardening Can Ease Stress
Looking for a way to lower stress, keep active and boost your mood? You may just find it by digging in the dirt!

City Style and Living Magazine hair trends fall 2016
#HairGoals for Fall 2016
We spotted the hottest look in social media all over the runways this fall. Best of all, it is surprisingly easy to achieve.

City Style and Living Magazine challah Balaboosta by Einat Admony
What’s wonderful about challah is that it can be used in so many ways: to sanctify the Sabbath, of course, but just as important, to make French toast, grilled cheese, and croutons and as breading in meatballs. Maybe not the way God intended it, but I’m sure She understands. Israel is the land of milk and honey, and this challah has both. For those of you who want to stay away from milk, it’s fine to substitute water.

City Style and Living Magazine easy ways to beat stress at work
Simple Ways to Beat Stress at Home and at Work
Stress is an inevitable part of life. Knowing the triggers and how to respond can lead to greater happiness. We asked Beverly D. Flaxington a career coach, author of Self-Talk for a Calmer You or Make Your Shift, and expert on human behaviour, how we can manage stress anywhere, anytime.

City Style and Living Magazine travel essentials editors singapore
Travel Essentials Singapore
City Style and Living Magazine (CSL) picks essential jetsetting go-to’s for a trip to Singapore!

City Style and Living Magazine greta constantine
Nail Trends Fall 2016
Put your finger on the pulse of the season with textured nails, neutrals and metallics.

City Style and Living gibbs smith recipeeasy breakfast casserole
Overnight Breakfast Casserole
A great use for day-old bread and an easy way to whip up brunch.

City Style and Living Magazine yoga fitness tips and workout gear
Keep Fit and Fab | Fall 2016
The perfect style for your workout. Whether you’re into yoga, walking or cross training, we’ve got the look for you!

City Style and Living Magazine quito ecuador bethany looi restaurant, street view
24 Hours in Quito Ecuador
Ecuador’s long running tourism campaign, All You Need Is Ecuador, is fitting for the country. You’d think the Galapagos, Andes mountains, Amazon rainforest and coastal beaches would be in several countries, but Ecuador has it all. Its capital city, Quito, at over 9,000 feet is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here’s what you can do if you have only 24 hours.

City Style and Living Magazine. Korean Fried Chicken
Korean Fried Chicken
Crisp, savoury and spicy, these little chicken wings pack a punch of flavour.