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Cool Cocktails, Easy and delicious shrimp dumplings, Modern Peruvian Cuisine, Plus much more

Spring Fashion Fever, Daniel Thompson’s beauty tutorial: Pop Art Eyes, the editors faves, plus the top beauty products  Plus more

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Top 3 Summer Beer To Try

Sit on the patio or have a barbecue and enjoy these beer

How to Ace a Job Interview

Over the years we’ve sat on both sides of the interview desk – as candidates and interviewers. While there is a vast range of interview styles, procedures and general nebulousness as both parties get to know each other and figure out if they can work together, we’ve formulated a few helpful hints and tips to help you get that coveted position.

Gardening Remastered: New Portable Product from LifeCycle Gardens

Think you don’t have the space, ability or time to garden – now there’s no excuse with this portable product. Justin Connell, a former basketball player founded LifeCycle Gardens after an injury. He talks to CSL about gardening and how he got started in the business.

3 Flat Belly Moves

These exercises target the lower abs (rectus abdominus) in different ways. Best of all, there’s no equipment needed. Combined with proper diet and regular cardio, lower ab exercises can help you get that coveted flat belly. Over time, your strengthened core will allow you greater control as you perform the exercises. When beginning with these workouts bending your knees can be helpful if you notice that your form is weakening. Most importantly, keep your lower back on the floor as this will prevent injury. The benefits? Improved balance and a strengthened core.

Spring 2015 Fashion Editorial at The Upper Chamber Calgary

Go ahead, show a little skin. From sport to sophisticated, prints to solid colour, there are more than a few ways to wear the cool crop top this season.

Shrimp Dumplings in Bamboo Steamer
3 Great Asian Inspired Dipping Sauces

3 simple and tasty dipping sauces perfect with shrimp dumplings, rice wraps or wantons.

Birdwatch in a Tropical Rainforest at Asa Wright Nature Centre Trinidad

A former plantation is transformed into a birdwatcher’s dream in the cool hills of Trinidad’s Northern Range at Asa Wright Nature Centre.

Nars At Rodarte
How To Achieve Barely There Makeup

This is a great look for the office – simple to achieve yet fresh.

Herbal Citrus Cider Margarita. /K&S Media.
Cocktails |Herbal Citrus Cider Margarita

Nothing beats the refreshing crisp-tangy-sweet taste of a cold cider on a warm day. Welcome spring with this ridiculously simple cocktail that will have your guests guessing the secret ingredient.

Awesome Adventure | See the Scarlet Ibis Roost in Caroni Swamp Trinidad

See the famed scarlet ibis roosting in the Caroni swamp in Trinidad home to a variety of birds, snakes and other creatures.

Redken For Sonia Rykiel
How To Do Simple Texture Hair

Lovely locks take just a few steps, City Style and Living Magazine (CSL) show you how.

Apples Growing on the Tree
Cider Rules the Canadian Market

Visit any local liquor store and you’ll see entire aisles dedicated to cider. Long a favourite in the United Kingdom which has the largest per capita consumption in the world, this orchard derived alcoholic drink is making a comeback in Canada.

Earth Day Special 2015: Still More Ways You Can Stay Green (Eco-Friendly) While Travelling

In honour of Earth Day, in April we’re counting down the best food, fashion and travel eco-friendly ideas we’ve ever heard. City Style and Living Magazine (CSL) has gathered easy, proactive and affordable tips from some of our past issues (the CSL green ticker) so that you can stay green while travelling.