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 City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2015

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Update your snacking pantry, delicious new products to try, a light grilled octupus salad Plus much more

The best Fall Fashion Trends to try now, Daniel Thompson on Red Lipstick, and Fall’s top beauty products  Plus more

Unexpected Britain: Devon and Cornwall, USA Special: Sheboygan County, Healdsburg, Roanoke, Plus more




3 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Food Pics
Want to get stellar food photos for your Instagram feed? Let City Style and Living show you how in three simple steps.

Holy Basil and Spearmint Toothpaste
Homemade toothpaste! I love this stuff. I like to use a wide-mouth jar and just dip my toothbrush into it. If you have multiple family members using this paste, get a jar for each of them.

Tulum Beach
Three Escapes for the Frequent Flyer
Travel alternatives to some of the most popular destinations.

Wild Ocean Fish Fisherman and Product
Wild Ocean Fish Is Redefining Canadian Seafood
Concerned with the state of our oceans, former biologist turned founder of W!ld Ocean fish, Zachary Semeniuk, takes the plunge into truly sustainable Canadian seafood

Beet Salad
The New Beet Salad
CSL updates a classic salad, with textural elements, and some surprises that are sure to please

City STyle and Living Magaizne celebrity and model makeup arist Hung Van Ngo
Travel Q&A Hung Van Ngo
A former Calgarian, this ultra-talented makeup artist is a frequent flyer, working with some of Hollywood’s best actresses and the best models in the industry, CSL chats with Hung Vanngo about his travel favourites

Tighter Derriere
One Move for a Tighter Derriere
Want to tone up your backside? Here’s one move that will help!

The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs | Book Review
Inspirational and experiential handbook for outdoor lovers and those with an interesting in decoding its mysteries

Fall 2015 Fashion Trend Report velvet underground
Fall 2015 Fashion Trend: Velvet Underground
Rich fabrics, usually associated with interiors are huge for fall (brocade, paisley and patterned motifs), but the biggest trend of them all is velvet. This season everything from pantsuits to dresses, capes and skirts in sumptuous jewel tones are where it’s at.

The Top 500 Poems
The Top 500 Poems | Book Review
A poetry anthology to add to your bookcase, give as a gift, or use as a reference

Garmin x1502589LMT
Review of Garmin nüvi 2559 LMT North America, Europe
Review of Garmin nüvi 2559 LMT North America, Europe, a GPS navigational device

Fashion Trend Report fall 2015 city style and living magazine geek study
Fall 2015 Must Try Trends: Study Hall
Back to school beware! This geek chic look is one part intellectual one part romantic and always sophisticated.

TomTom VIA-1505M-World-Traveler-Edition
Review of the TomTom VIA 1505M World Traveler Edition
Real world review of the TomTom VIA 1505M World Traveler Edition, a gps navigation device