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Fairmont San Francisco Lobby
Fairmont San Francisco
Historic hotel with modern luxuries and panoramic views of the City by the Bay

Casa Del Mar Terrazza
Stress Less Coloring Mandalas
Stress Less Coloring Mandalas | Book Review
Use this colouring book for relaxing.

St Lucia Pitons
Is St Lucia the Most Romantic Island in the Caribbean?
Searching for a unique wedding destination?Looking to renew your vows? Or just searching for place with a little romance? St Lucia woos with its iconic Pitons, waterfalls, white and black sand beaches, and Caribbean sea.

White Shirts pring2016
The White Shirt for Spring 2016
Whether it’s a classic button down, updated oxford, off-shoulder or pajama top with tie-front, this is one of the must-haves of the season.

Lemon Thyme Spritzer
Lemon Thyme Spritzer | Non-Alcoholic
A refreshing and easy to make spritzer with zesty, floral flavours.

Farmhouse Inn Buildings
Farmhouse Inn | Sonoma County
An oasis in Sonoma with welcoming luxury atmosphere, spa and incredible cuisine.

Tofino Soap Company FlatLay
Get Inspired By Tofino Soap Company
A beautiful line of handmade body care products made in Canada.

The Landings St Lucia
The Landings St. Lucia | For Luxury
With a unique private marina location perfect for saying “I Do” this upscale resort features large villas suites.

Sally Hansen at Stella McCartney SS2016
Neutral Nails for Spring 2016
For nails, everything from subtle nude tones, to pale pinks and peach are the way forward this spring.

Watermelon Straight Up Juice Guru
Watermelon Straight Up
Watermelon juice is not only refreshingly sweet and delicious but also extremely nutritious. While the juicy red flesh of watermelon is loaded with vitamin C and the carotenoid lycopene, the white part of the rind (which we typically don’t eat) contains an incredible amount of phenolic antioxidants, flavonoids and more vitamin C. Juicing both the flesh and the white rind helps us get all those nutrients we normally might toss onto the compost pile.

Fairmont vancouver airport retaurant globe @ YVR Crab Cakes
Tasting Notes | Fairmont Vancouver Airport
On a brief layover in beautiful Vancouver, CSL had a chance to experience some of the goodies on the menu at @Globe YVR restaurant at Fairmont Vancouver Airport.

city style and livnig magazine Shrimp Quiche
Shrimp Quiche
Master the basic recipe for quiche and you’re all set to experiment with different fillings like ham and cheese (for the classic quiche Lorraine), leeks and bacon or roasted vegetables. If you’re hosting a party make mini-quiches, by lining muffin tins with pastry, then adding the egg mixture.