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The Cook Islands – this is one secret paradise you need to know about. Plus more


Freshly baked bread is one of the great joys of the kitchen. To get a beautiful dark brown colour this recipe uses molasses, and that toothsome texture comes from seeds and oats. Slather with butter, jam or top with cheese for a perfect dinner.

Trend alert! These two styles are easy to pull-off and so right now.

Roasting pears in wine transforms them from everyday fruit into a light but luxurious dinner party dessert. Their gentle flavour makes a perfect foil for a fine dessert wine. The trick is to use an inexpensive wine for cooking and a better wine of the same type to serve with it.

Lazy summer inevitably turns to the frantic pulse of school runs, extracurricular activities and work, hallmarks of fall. What had been improvised becomes scheduled, long days suddenly contract with withering daylight, carelessness gives way to an intense focus on grades and performance. When, not so long ago, calendars were dominated by agricultural rhythms, this was
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Who doesn’t love Asian food? Quick, delicious, sometimes spicy and utterly satisfying, rev up your regular at home meals with these simple tweaks to your favourite dishes.

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For those Looking for Accommodation Diversity

Straight from the runway, CSL breaks down the top trends, and shows you how to easily update your closet. All the best and biggest fall fashion trends.

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This classic French recipe is a terrific dish for a dinner party. The French would always use a local wine to make it—I’d suggest a good Côtes du Rhône-Villages, a Gigondas or Lirac.

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Everyone, at some point has uttered ‘I wish I had more time.’ Maybe it’s more time to spend with family or friends; more time to exercise and eat healthy; or more time to go back to school. How do you make more time for those truly important things in your life? Dr. Alok Trivedi, author of Chasing Success, believes the key is to manage time more effectively.

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Rarotonga for the Luxe Traveller.

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The Ultimate in Private Luxury.

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Stellar lagoons, coconut palms swaying in the breeze, this little-known string of 15 islands is a paradise for honeymooners, sun-seekers and solitude-loving travellers. This is the South Pacific conjured in the imagination of novelists and screenwriters. Kailash Maharaj discovers a playground of sun, sand and sea and plenty more beneath the surface.

of City Style and Living Magazine Scrubs Fall 2017
Applied all over your body, with a softly massaging circular motion these scrubs will give you hydrated, smooth skin and a glowing complexion.