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4 wines one dish, create date night in Plus more

Up your fall fashion game, beauty looks to try Plus more 
A taste for advenure around the globe, Plus more





City Style and Living Magazine Beauty Fall 2019 How to Style Hair Ribbons and Scarves runway looks
Tie up your hair with pretty ribbons and retro scarves.

Juicy, sweet, sun-ripened peppers feature heavily in the cuisine of Morocco. The tagine is one of those dishes you’ll find in Morocco at street stalls, bus stations, and cafés.

City Style and Living Magazine Food Fall 2019 Herbs to brighten any dish
Herbs boost the flavour of any dish, allowing you to use less oil and salt, but also have a slew of nutritional benefits. CSL has selected four of our faves that will transform your cooking.

Home-Grown Harvest Poached Pear
Tiramisù (which literally translates from the Italian as ‘pick-me-up’) must be one of the best-loved desserts in the world. It has all the essential elements of a perfect pudding—alcohol, creamy custard and cocoa.

City Style and Living Magazine Travel Fall 2019 Globetrotting adventures St Kitts Helicopter
As the last shades of green begin to fade, jewel tones emerge, giving way to one of the best seasons for worldwide travel. Find out where to go for a taste of adventure across the globe with CSL’s guide.

City Style and Living Magazine Fashion Fall 2019 colours and pant suit
CSL’s runway report shows you all the greatest looks of the season!

City Style and Living Magazine Healthy living natural toothpaste
CSL has you covered from head to toe – literally with natural ways to beautify!

City Style and Living Magazine wine and spirits mocktails Pineapple Cocktail
Any good mixologist will tell you that the secret to a good cocktail is balance. The same is true (even more so) for mocktails, where a hint of sweetness a dash of sour, a little sparkle and the refreshing notes from herbs should come together to create something surprising for the palate.

City Style and Living Magazine Food how to pair whisky and dessert Sticky Toffee
A very quick guide on getting the most of your after dinner sipper and treats.

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2019 Wines and spirits what to pair with lamb stew
With cooler weather calling out for settling in with comfort food and bold, rich wine, CSL has just the pairings for you to try!

City Style and Living Magazine Healthy living happier with flowers
Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t stand up and surround yourself with colourful flowers.

City Style and Living Magazine Travel Gear Great items for travelling
Get ready for your next trip with these items – a hiker’s guidebook, comfy on board look and a camera to capture it all.

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2019 Food Gourmet finds Corn Market
The ultimate quick guide to getting the most out of CSL’s pick of the season: fresh corn.