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         Summer 2020

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Delicious Summer Berries, Plus delicious summer food and wine pairings, a must- make tomato tart and all about lamb!Plus more

3 Breezy Summer Styles, and 8 amazing beauty looks. Plus more

A Photo Journey through Mexico. Plus more



Drama isn’t created equally. A simple palette can be just a stunning as heaps of colour. CSL has all the looks whether your goal is to amp it up or keep it simple.

City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 3 Doctor-Approved Tips to Tackle All Your Stress
It’s the start of a new decade and a time when many people are trying to make more positive changes in their lives. One of the best things we can all do according to Dr. Alok Trivedi is focus on reducing our stress simply because of the adverse physical and mental health effects that come from not managing it, here are his tips to help.. 

City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 You’re A Real Slice! (Crostini) smorrebrod
These small wonders are chock full of bold flavor. Try one of CSL’s four easy alternatives. The sky’s the limit!

City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 loving lilacs Hygge Picnic
Harbingers of spring in shades ranging from violet to light magenta with specks of fuchsia, these bushes perfume the air with an unmistakably sweet scent.

City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 Food Strawberry and Lime Mojito Mocktail
You may not be aware, but there’s a revolution going on. A ‘sober revolution’, and you can thank Millenials for sparking the trend. Though something of a misnomer, this generation is not giving up alcohol entirely, but rather opting for less consumption overall and sipping sodas, flavoured water and CSL’s fave, mocktails, like our strawberry and lime mojito.

City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 Fashion Here Are the Trends that are Everything For Spring 2020 hats
If the Spring and Summer 2020 catwalks featured a theme it would be embracing the season — go on, there’s more time to show off, longer days are here again!

City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 food The New Power Lunch
There’s nothing more overwhelming than changing your diet. However, even small tweaks can make all the difference. Start with lunch. Here are 5 easy ways to up your nutrition game in 2020.

City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 5 Travel Books that Will Open Your Mind to Looking Differently at the World ST Moritz
For your wish lists: take a trip to hidden places, learn to travel mindfully, enjoy street food in China, allow the earth to speak or turn a page in St. Moritz.

City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 food Easy French Bistro At Home
Bring the unfussy food of Lyon’s most famous restaurant style to your table at home.

City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 Beauty The New Side-Part
Swipe Left! An exaggerated side part has a subtle Sixties vibe and creates lots of volume.

City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 Eat More fish Scallops and Papilotte
Studies show that consuming seafood is a great way to maintain overall health. The lean protein is a great source of vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, and can even help improve sleep quality. Here are CSL’s four favourites, plus tips on what to look for when choosing fish ready for the pot or the pan.

City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 beauty trends Painterly eyes
CSL has you covered with all the best makeup looks of the season from brows, and skin to eyes, nails and face.

City Style and Living Magazine 3 Spring Wine Picks To Match With Food altos de rioja
These global choices offer light, medium and bold styles to suit your palate and your plate.