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The quarantine pantry: everything you need to keep your nourished.  Fall cocktails and wine plus more
Big fall fashion trends: long coats, faux leather and brights. Your go-to guide.  Beauty trends and more
Virtual Caribbean escape from the spice island to the sugar plantations of Nevis, get to know these seven isles Plus more


City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2020 Balms, Creams, and Classic Products
As the weather turns cooler, skin (especially in dry climates) calls out for something a little thicker and more luxuriously nourishing than oil. Plus, a few classic products to keep in your medicine cabinet.

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2020 Bedtime Preparation Toolkit
Wind down by taking a bath, brushing your teeth and cozying up in freshly made sheets. Aaaah! This is what sweet dreams are made of.

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2020 The Most Inspiring Trends of Fall 2020 yellow
4 fashion trends that will get you ready for the season ahead.

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2020 Upper Body Workout
Ryan Maxwell, CEO and founder of Fluid Health and Fitness shares three simple at-home workouts you can do during the current pandemic.

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2020 Fall Yard Cleanup
Expert landscaper Chris Lambton shares basic but critical tips for fall yard cleanup.

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2020 Sip a soothing cup of herbal tea
CSL has your guide to making the perfect cup, growing your own herbs and we taste test a couple mint teas

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2020 9 Easy At Home Beauty Looks
We may be staying home more often but that doesn’t mean you can’t change up your look even a little.

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2020 Yezberry Haskap: Plan for spring with a fruit shrub
Haskaps are fast growing, edible fruits with beautiful flowers beloved of bees

City Style and Living Magazine fall 2020 Imbibe 5 Classic Fall Red and White Wines
Weather can be an important and significant factor in selecting wine. While warm weather and cool climate grapes go hand in hand, cooler climes beg for deep, rich and more structured varieties. Try these five.

City Style and Living Magazine fall 2020 Imbibe 5 Unique Wines You’ll Love
Sure you’re used to enjoying your regular chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and merlot but what about stepping outside of your tried and tested wine zone? Lesser known varieties can often surprise you with their familiar yet oh so different characteristics, here CSL introduces you to five wine styles that will open up new possibilities.

City Style and Living Magazine fall 2020 Quarantine Pantry staples, nuts, beans
Let’s get real, during these strange times, we’ve all gotten to flex our kitchen skills, cooking traditional family recipes or experimenting with new ones. The following essential, long-lasting ingredients are delicious, nutritious, helpful and filling (or all of the above) and can extend through weeks (or months) of hunkering down at home with enough variety so your family will not be bored.

Drama isn’t created equally. A simple palette can be just a stunning as heaps of colour. CSL has all the looks whether your goal is to amp it up or keep it simple.

City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 3 Doctor-Approved Tips to Tackle All Your Stress
It’s the start of a new decade and a time when many people are trying to make more positive changes in their lives. One of the best things we can all do according to Dr. Alok Trivedi is focus on reducing our stress simply because of the adverse physical and mental health effects that come from not managing it, here are his tips to help..