2 Ways to Up Your Summer Insta-Game

By CSL Staff
August 2, 2021

City Style and Living Summer 2021 2 Ways to Up Your Summer Insta-Game
/ Collage K&S Media; Courtesy Chanel, tiffen, Gigi

From getting the perfect photo from your pro camera to getting camera-ready legs, CSL has you covered this summer.

Overexposed photos and out of whack colour balance are the bane of any photographer’s life.  The extra bright light from summer rays and overly blue or green casts can ruin an otherwise pretty pic.  That’s why both a UV filter (to protect from ultraviolet light) and polarizing filter (think of it as sunglasses for your camera), will be your besties in this extreme lighting situation. 

Tiffen UV Protector Filter, $ 9.99; and Circular Polarizer Screw-In Filter (sizes from 25mm-82mm), $19.95; tiffen.com

Short shorts and minis are the ultimate summer uniform.  Keep legs and bikini area in top (hairless) form from the comfort of home.  The wax warmer, with temperature control lever and indicator light is easy to use and gentle for sensitive skin.  CSL love the strip-less floral hard wax infused with arnica and chamomile that protect and calm skin from irritation.

GiGi 14 oz Wax Warmer, $37.25 and Floral hard wax 14oz; $17; gigispa.com

This original healthy living article first appeared in the Summer 2021 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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