3 Adventures South of the Equator: Caribbean

January 9, 2017

Bloggers Jodi Cairns and Diana Ancona midst of it blog article on adventures south of the equator in City Style and Living Magazine

Bloggers Jodi Cairns and Diana Ancona Midst of It

Diana Ancona and Jodi Cairns of the blog Midst of It share a love of fitness, traveling, and food. They let us in on faves from their island home

When Jodi Cairns and Diana Ancona met on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, they bonded immediately over a shared interest in nutrition, fitness and travel.
Cairns, had earned an athletic scholarship before an injury stymied her degree and had moved to the island after a stint in Queensland, Australia. Ancona, meanwhile, had studied nutrition in Mexico City and Scotland, and “needed a change and to get away from the city life, at least for a little while.” Their blog was the result. “We have worked day and night on our blog to keep our readers happy and entertained. It feels great to connect with people all over the world in a way that can inspire them to make positive changes, and help them enjoy living this thing called “LIFE.”

Indian bay beach, St Vincent n St. Vincent and The Grenadines in City Style and Living magazine article on 3 adventures south of the equator

Indian bay beach,  St Vincent and The Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is the hidden gem of the Eastern Caribbean. Not nearly as touristy as its neighbours Barbados and St. Lucia, this island and its many sights come as a pleasant surprise! Nestled away in the 32 Grenadine islands that make up St. Vincent and the Grenadines, The Tobago Cays, a protected marine park, is a must-see. It is best to visit while sailing to experience the feeling of “unplugging” from the technological world and being a part of nature. On almost any night of the week, a beach bonfire can be organized under the stars with the locals from union Island, a Grenadine Island close to the Cays. They provide a fantastic buffet-style meal with fresh-of-the-day catches, including lobster, when it is in season, and local vegetables and ground provisions from neighboring islands. All this while digging your toes into the sand and sipping a cold Hairoun (the local beer of St. Vincent and the Grenadines).

La Soufriere Volcano is another highlight, an active volcano that last erupted in 1979. The hike up the windward side of the volcano feels like you are in a different universe. The coastal drive towards the base of the volcano complete with banana plantations and palm trees scattered everywhere is just the beginning. From here, lush rainforest vegetation surrounds the trail as you hike your way to the top, which offers spectacular views of the island and crater. Getting to the top of this hard hike is an amazing feeling. On a clear day, you can see for miles over the ocean and the serenity at the top reminds you how beautiful nature is.

La Souftiere Volcano in St. Vincent and The Grenadines in City Style and Living magazine article on 3 adventures south of the equator

La Soufriere Volcano in St. Vincent and The Grenadines

Walliabou bay is where Captain Jack Sparrow first started breaking hearts! Not many know that scenes from the first movie (The Curse of the black pearl) in the pirates of the Caribbean series were filmed here on the leeward coast of St. Vincent. Now, there is a restaurant right next to the beach and jetty.
St. Vincent has beautiful mountain fed waterfalls that allow you to cool down from the warm sunshine. They are the perfect place to have a picnic and enjoy the
day with friends and family. Our favorites are Dark View Falls and Chain Spout.

yatching the coral-luscious Tobago Cays in St. Vincent and The Grenadines in City Style and Living magazine article on 3 adventures south of the equator

Yatching the coral-luscious Tobago Cays.

Planning a trip but fear you will gain weight? being healthy and fit is all about balance and portion sizes.

1 Eat a small breakfast and include local fruits rather than processed juices packed with sugar.

2 Consider yourself the most important food critic in the world, having a tasting session. Order local dishes that you can share with everyone at the table.

3 Try local foods that are baked, fresh and, avoid fried foods (packed with naughty calories).

4 Alcohol does not provide any nutritional benefits. Save those calories to try local flavors that will stay in your memory forever.

5 Decide which meal will be your biggest of the day and be mindful of the other two, assuring not to go over your recommended daily calorie intake.

Midst of It bloggers jogging on the beach in St. Vincent. in St. Vincent and The Grenadines in City Style and Living magazine article on 3 adventures south of the equator

The pair jogging on the beach in St. Vincent.

Walk everywhere, it is the only way to see a new place, engage with the culture, and mingle with locals while keeping active and getting your daily cardio. Swim!  In places like St. Vincent & The Grenadines, enjoy the ocean! Go swimming, snorkeling, diving or on a sailing adventure. These are great ways to stay active and burn off calories while sailing from island to island. you would be surprised how much fantastic exercise you get from sailing. Hike! This is our go-to form of exercise while traveling. Not only do you get to experience nature and beautiful views, you can work up quite a sweat in the process. Sightseeing while staying fit, it’s a win.

This original travel article first appeared in the Winter 2016 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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