3 Easy Stretches to Dissolve Stiffness

By CSL Staff
November 6, 2017

Dissolve stiffness with these three stretches.  Hold each stretch for five to ten seconds.

1/ Arched Angel

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart.  Breathe in, and lift arms overhead grabbing your right hand with your left hand and gently lean your upper body toward left side of hips to form an arch.  Switch to the opposite side and repeat.

2/ Folded Envelope

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart.  Lace your fingers behind your lower back, palms facing outward.  Roll your shoulders backward, slightly bend knees and fold your torso over your legs.  Relax your head and stretch your arms up.

3/ Rainbow Wave

On a mat, kneel on your shins, supporting your lower back with your hands.  Bring your elbows together, and lift your chest to bring shoulder blades together.  Gently arch your torso backward.