3 Easy Ways to Make More Time

By Dr. Alok Trivedi
November 20, 2017

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Everyone, at some point has uttered ‘I wish I had more time.’  Maybe it’s more time to spend with family or friends; more time to exercise and eat healthy; or more time to go back to school. How do you make more time for those truly important things in your life?  Dr. Alok Trivedi, author of Chasing Success, believes the key is to manage time more effectively.

1/ Minimize, minimize and minimize some more

There was a reason Marie Kondo’s novel about tidying up your space to become happy was so successful. Eliminate the unnecessary and find what you love in the process. Less is really more. 

2/ Being busy does not bring you value

It can be all too easy to be running around completing task after task. Many people view this form of productivity as determining their worth in society. It’s wise to assess what in your life is bringing you value.  Business is an excuse and distraction to overlook the things in which you may be afraid to focus your energy on.

3/ Differentiate between efficiency and effectiveness

Your time is precious and needs to be allocated to the most important things. When you are doing any task, approach it within a concept of both maximum efficiency and total effectiveness to reap the best results.

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This original healthy living article first appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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