4 Souvenirs From 4 Corners of the Globe

By CSL Staff
October 25, 2018

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Bring back these iconic must-haves from four destinations around the world!

Souvenirs are a more than just tchotchkes. Think of them as reminders of your trip and as valuable insight into the cultures they represent. Wherever you go, choose souvenirs you can display, use or consume. That way, you’ll be saying thanks for the memory like Bob Hope, for years to come.

Destination: Karlovy Vary, CZECH REPUBLIC
Souvenir: Becherovka

Made for centuries in the thermal bath town, Becherovka is a popular pick-me-up and digestive for locals. A multitude of herbs and spices, most notably cinnamon and ginger, give this alcoholic beverage a taste similar to Benedictine though more bitter. A small bottle will last years, as you only need a sip.

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2018 Travel Souvenirs grenada chocolate

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Destination: St. Patrick’s, GRENADA
Souvenir: Bean-To-Bar Chocolate

Chocolate has a long history in the Caribbean and the volcanic soil and large shade-giving trees of the tropics provide the optimal climate. The Grenada Chocolate Company, owned by American expats, sources beans from a local co-operative to make the 6 varieties of their bean-to-bar organic dark chocolate. Tour the small factory, and remember to buy multiples, you don’t want to eat your entire souvenir on the plane.

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2018 Travel Souvenirs rajastan

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Destination: Rajasthan, INDIA
Souvenir: Kathputli (puppets)

The performing arts have been central to Indian culture and life for centuries. Kathputli or marionettes are particular to Rajasthan and are used to tell folktales, legends and stories. The modern variation of the puppets of yesteryear have lost their strings and instead of being made of wood are often made of cloth.

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2018 Travel Souvenirs Mexico

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Destination: Nayarit, MEXICO
Souvenir: Huichol beadwork

Huichol are one of the native tribes of Mexico and their handiwork is found throughout the Sierra Madre Mountain area. Known for their bright, colourful and intricate work including yarn paintings, woven bags and pom-poms, it is their clay objects depicting animals and people covered in beadwork that are perhaps most popular.

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