6 Amazing Beauty Buys

By CSL Staff
April 5, 2019

City Style and Living Magazine Spring 2019 Beauty Best products treasure trove

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Soak in a milk bath just like Cleopatra, perfect your pout and do the one thing that will make you look more awake and ready, plus more!


From thick to thin, give your lip and eye pencils a refresh with this dual-blade made to fit to every size. A precision point means you’ll be able to trace features clearly. Best of all, it features a blade cleaner. NARS Pencil Sharpener, $9.00; narscosmetics.com


A makeup artist once gave us this piece of advice – if you do nothing else before you leave the house, curl your eyelashes. It’s the quickest way to make you look awake, alert and ready for the day. Tweezerman Procurl Eyelash Curler Rose Gold, $30.59.


Intense colour and luxurious hydration is achieved with a handful of ingredients, including alkanet root (do not let its slightly unusual scent deter you), beets and essential oils.  Without mica which can be irritating and too shimmery, this balm perks up lips in no time.   Fat and the Moon Ruby Red Tinted Balm, $12.00; fatandthemoon.com


Groovy salts in Neapolitan(ish) colours with names that conjure the feeling of perfect bath time: float, chill and soothe. Epsom salts get a boost from various salts and essential oils ensuring your bathing experience enriches all the senses. Kismet Salt Soak Trio, $54.00; kismetessentials.com


Orange is the colour of joy, but it’s also the colour associated with plants that skin loves: calendula and seabuckthorn.  Both take a starring role in this thick antioxidant rich balm that melts easily at body temperature. Province Apothecary Protecting and Restoring Face Balm, 30ml; provinceapothecary.com


This multi-purpose milk bath is actually 4 products-in-one. Add a little water and it becomes a cleanser, a little milk and it’s a mask. Use the same mix with a little sugar and it’s a hydrating scrub. Or, sprinkle a few tablespoons in bathwater as a lovely soak. Cleopatra had nothing on this! Só Luxury Coco Oat Milk Bath, 100 g, $7.00; soluxury.com

This original beauty article first appeared in the Spring 2019 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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