6 Beauty Products We Love for Summer 2018

By CSL Staff
August 7, 2018

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From kissably soft lips to Canadian companies making everything from essential oil blends to soap to shea butter, and a few surprises for your skin.

As summer gets underway you may think it’s time to put your salve away. Don’t let the weather fool you. For small (sun)burns, cuts , scrapes or insect bites, there’s nothing better than the soothing relief this balm provides from ingredients such as tea tree, St John’s wort  and Echinacea. Down Under to the rescue! Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm, antipodesnature.com

Finding a lipstick made primarily of oils like sunflower, grapefruit peel, and jojoba is no small feat. With nine lovely shades that work on all skin tones, and long-lasting hydration, Clove and Hallow Lip Crème, it’s the perfect summer kiss. cloveandhallow.com

Want to be reminded of days spent by the beach all year long? This inspired combination of masculine and feminine notes including cedar wood, coconut, lavender and balsam fir will certainly take you back. A few drops in a diffuser, mixed with a carrier oil and applied to skin or a bath will take you away. Tofino Soap Company Essential Oil Blend – The Waters, tofinosoapcompany.com

A Canadian brand with simple, Quaker-like packaging uses age-old techniques of small batches and curing to produce a lush line of soap (the brand also produces candles and skincare). Nourishing oils (shea, olive and avocado) combine with pink clay in this pleasantly fragranced bar so you get gentle cleansing and hydration all in one. Woodlot Amour Soap Bar, shopwoodlot.com

Summertime means the pool, picnics and the park all of which can dry out your skin. Made from a range of well-known moisturizers such as shea butter, grape seed oil and olive oil, this mix has a soft, fluffly, whipped texture that glides easily on skin. Best of all it is a Canadian brand. Duckish Shea (Unscented) Body Butter, duckish.ca

The scent lets you know right away that this is a handmade product relying on the traditional technique of steeping beneficial herbs and roots in high proof alcohol, called a tincture. All 4 ingredients including lemon balm (anti-inflammatory and antibacterial) and myrrh (circulation, antiseptic) are organic and beneficial to zapping cold sores. Say bye-bye-bye. Fat and the Moon Cold Sore Killa, fatandthemoon.com

This original beauty article first appeared in the Summer 2018 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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