6 Herbs You Should Get to Know

By CSL Staff
September 8, 2017

City Style and Living Magazine herbs you should know

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You know these green beauties can make any dish more delish. But, each also has a unique smell and taste perfect for experimenting with a range of cuisines.

Traditionally used in bean dishes, stuffing and stews, this herb has had a place in the culinary world for millennia. Although related to mint, it resembles tarragon with its long green leaves.

2/ Oregano
Sprinkle this herb in Greek, Italian and Mexican dishes to give a deep, earthy flavour to dishes. Conventionally strewn on pizza, it is also a good accompaniment to meat, salads, and pasta. This herb works well in both fresh and dried form.

3/Flat Leaf Parsley
As a salad leaf (think tabbouleh), as a seasoning (as in the French persillade, finely chopped with garlic), or as a condiment (think chimichurri) this herb has multiple uses in the kitchen. The mildly lemon flavour makes it ideal for meat and fish dishes.

This pungent herb works well with roasted meat, pasta, marinades and dressings. It is especially good with barbecue – using the sprigs as skewers. For something different, add a small amount to orange-based desserts and cocktails.

5/ Chives
Part of the allium family which includes onions and garlic, chives marry well with cream sauces. Although often used as a garnish, it takes a starring role in compound butter, cream cheese spread and sour cream dips.

A versatile, soothing herb commonly used in both savoury and sweet dishes. Classic savoury pairings include mint and peas, mint and lamb and mint and new potatoes, while mint and chocolate have a sweet affinity.

This original food article first appeared in the Summer 2017 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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