A Little Gem: Purple Rose Theater in Chelsea Michigan

By Shivana Maharaj
March 9, 2015

Purple Rose Theater in Chelsea Michigan

The exterior of the Purple Rose Theater in Chelsea Michigan. / K&S Media.

The Purple Rose Theater in Chelsea Michigan offers Midwest and American talent.

“Every job I ever had has been training me for this job I’m doing now. It’s my life’s work. The people that we have are world class– they’re as good as you’re going to see anywhere,” says Guy Sanville, artistic director at Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea.

Founded by actor Jeff Daniels (who grew up in the city) in 1991, the intimate theatre shows four productions a year (forty three weeks), focusing on both American classics and original work. “We take good care of everybody; we try to give people an opportunity to do their best work, that’s all any artist really wants– that’s what anybody wants,” continues Sanville.

I take in Anapurna, a witty turned dramatic play that has the audience both chuckling and in tears.

This article first appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of City Style and Living