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City Style and Living (CSL) is an award-winning quarterly aspirational, inspirational and practical well-positioned luxury lifestyle magazine focusing on  three main editorial categories: food, fashion and travel. City Style and Living is regarded as a fount of information, ideas, inspiration, and news to our global readership.

Our mission is to support and promote the finest:chefs, farmers, artisans, restaurants, designers, and artists, thus bringing a sense of global community. We are committed to showcasing the multitude of talent, and treasures around the world.

City Style and Living targets men and women. CSL’s readership enjoys authentic living and are interested in fine dining, wine and spirits, kitchen wares, unique food items, collectibles, home products, luxury items, travelling, gardening, fashion, shopping for crafts, art and other quality items and experiences.  As a testament to their aware life, our readers are involved and engaged in the local and global community. Their involvement in the world and in their community begins with City Style and Living magazine.

City Style and Living magazine has fostered sponsorships and partnerships with global businesses.


Our aim at K&S Media is to offer maximum value for advertising costs and to establish a lasting, fruitful and mutually beneficial business relationships. Our approach is flexible and accommodating. Therefore the opportunities we have outlined here are a starting point rather than a definitive guide. 

Advertising space is available as a package and require an element of financial investment, whether this is in the form of advertising, advertorial, sponsored posts, integrated features, dedicated features, re-prints or bulk purchase of subscriptions or magazines.

Advertising with City Style and Living Magazine is an ideal marketing solution for global businesses, tour operators, lifestyle brands, and tourism boards that are looking to present their brands, products and events to thousands of readers globally, every day.

City Style and Living Magazine Advertising Examples include (but are not limited to):

a) traditional advertising placement in both the print and digital issues of City Style and Living Magazine

b) specialized editorial (article) placement in both the print and digital issues of City Style and Living Magazine (including tailored Restaurant profiles, product reviews, Chef profiles, wine dinner summaries, hotel listings, etc.)

c)  Feature placement on City Style and Living Magazine Website (including tailored Restaurant profiles, Chef profiles, wine dinners summaries, product reviews, hotel listings, etc.)

d) tailored web, blog and social media posts

e)  event listings (via social media, City Style and Living Magazine newsletter, or CSL blog posts)

f)  event sponsorships/ partnerships

g) Influencer branding and marketing (including sponsored posts, integrated features, dedicated features) via CSL’s The Editors Notebook Travel and Stylelogue, CSL‘s website, and CSL‘s social media

Published by K&S Media, City Style and Living magazine is devoted to showcasing the people, places and things that inspire, and enrich our global community.

For further information about City Style and Living magazine, including media kits, digital, online and print rates, please email our Advertising Department at:

advertise [at] citystyleandliving [dot] com