Alison LaFrance | Queen of Cakes

By Shivana Maharaj
September 8, 2010

Photography by Derrick Woo


TRAINING: In high school I used to decorate cakes, and the artistic bug bit me. I ended up going to university for a Bachelor of Commerce, but something about sitting behind a computer all day wasn’t for me and something was missing. I then went back to school in 2004 – SAIT’s baking and pastry arts. Since then, I’ve worked at a bakery and a few restaurants and never looked back.

WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE A FEMALE PASTRY CHEF? I don’t really fifind that my gender plays a role in what makes me a good Pastry Chef. Attention to detail, patience and practice are what is important in baking and creating beautiful desserts. In my experience, I believe I’ve gained respect by having a good work ethic. My team supports and helps me build upon my skills based on that mutual respect and not on my gender.

BIGGEST INFLUENCE: The Executive chef at Siraia, Guy Leggatt has been my number one cheerleader – allowing me to carry on with my own business as well, Whippt.

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