At Home in the Garden | Book Review

By CSL Staff
February 18, 2016




Beautiful oversize book drawing inspiration from the Connecticut garden of celebrated fashion designer and taste-maker Carolyn Roehm.

At Home in the Garden by Carolyn Roehm (Potter Style, $68.97) A garden is like love. This theme is weaved into the narrative and photography of this book based on Roehm’s beloved 59 acre property in Connecticut, Weatherstone. Inspired by her grandmother’s garden in Missouri, Roehm has created a series of outdoor spaces to suit her taste including a cutting garden, orchard and parterre. The oversize book draws on her love of flowers and beauty, with advice and tips on how she created her garden over the course of decades. Roehm’s view of love, like her garden, is eternally optimistic, and that is the greatest source of inspiration in this delightful book.

This original article initially appeared in the Winter 2015/16 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.