Awesome Adventure | Cayman Turtle Farm

By CSL Staff
February 23, 2012


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The Cayman Turtle Farm was started in 1968 by a group of scientists. “They were trying to see the green turtle become what they termed the buffalo’s of the sea, through commercialization and to save the species” says Tim Adam, Managing Director of Cayman Turtle Farm. The turtle farm has since added additional attractions, including touch tanks, predator reef, aviary, nature trail, green iguana exhibit and much more. “Today we are myriad things. We are still a commercial farm, the only active turtle farm that is also a successful captive breeding facility and also a site for historical, cultural and educational purposes,” adds Adam. We tour the exhibits with Dr. Walter Mustin, manager and chief researcher officer, and at times it feels as though we’re with a rock star of scientific research. Mustin presents a wealth of information in the most exciting way. “See that one with the yellow spot on her back? That’s Sparky, she’s 550 lbs,” says Mustin, affectionately referring to one massive turtle. Mustin knows how to deliver a punch line, or as the scientific community calls it the conclusion of an experiment. Three of Cayman’s national symbols reside at the farm for visitors to see: the Caymanian parrot, the banana orchid and the national tree, the silver thatch. As the island’s most popular land based tourist attraction, the most exciting adventures for many guests is the chance to swim amongst dozens of green sea turtles, ranging in age from four months to one and a half years old. “The green sea turtles are so graceful, like angels in the water,” adds Adam.

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