Awesome Adventure | Driving A Dune Buggy in Sauguenay Quebec

By Kailash Maharaj
June 24, 2011

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Appreciation for the bounty of the region is the basis of Jérome Dufresne’s business Horizon Evasion which has been offering tours of the Saugenay interior on dune buggy for the last two years. As I wait for him to do a security check, across the street a man begins to play the accordion. Dufresne packs up things in a flash and we take to the road. There are steep inclines to navigate and unpaved dirt roads.  The excursion is a great way to access the otherwise hidden landscape of the region. At one point we stop near a river with tiny rapids, sitting amongst large rocks we take in our surroundings. There is no one else in sight; it is as if the whole forest belongs to us.

Horizon Evasion

Dune buggy adventure in the boreal forest wilds. Chemin du Portage, L’Anse Saint Jean;
(418) 272-1418;

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