Awesome Adventure | Hollywood Candy Omaha

By Shivana Maharaj
March 12, 2015

Hollywood Candy in Omaha Nebraska,

Hollywood Candy in Omaha Nebraska, Owner Larry Richling./ K&S Media

Awesome Adventure Hollywood Candy in Omaha Nebraska- a truly memorable experience.

“I want to make this space into a winter wonderland with a skating rink, miniature train and figurines,” says Larry Richling of his next big project on the upper floor of his Hollywood Candy and Fairmont Antiques and Mercantile store. A true visionary, collector, historian and most of all, storyteller, Richling has created a labyrinth store— inside there is an authentic 1950’s diner and movie theatre, Santa’s workshop and arcade, a pink Cadillac, candy store, movie posters and artifacts and even a vintage printing press.

The authentic 1950's diner at Hollywood Candy

The authentic 1950’s diner at Hollywood Candy. /K&S Media

Pez dispensers are displayed behind a glass case.

Pez dispensers are displayed behind a glass case. /K&S Media

The store has a little bit of everything. All at once, I am Alice running with the white rabbit, Charlie running wild in the chocolate factory and
Harry in Diagon Alley. There is the sound of animated voices and bright colours everywhere and every one of my senses is engaged. Richling is keen to offer anecdotes about his various collections.

A look at the endless candy at Hollywood Candy

A look at the endless candy at Hollywood Candy. /K&S Media


“Wait, before your go, you have to try this,” he says dropping a golf ball sized chocolate in my hand. “What is it?” I ask. “It’s a recipe from my aunt and it’s the best peanut butter chocolate you’ll ever taste,” boasts Richling. He’s right. Just like the store, it’s an experience.

This article first appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of City Style and Living Magazine. Do you want more Awesome Adventures?