Beauty Products to Rock This Summer

By CSL Staff
July 5, 2019

City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 Beauty Products balms and oils

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Whether you’re attending a graduation, shower, weddings, going on vacay or just relaxing at home, these products will have you looking glowing even with #nofilter.   


Perfect for vacay prep, this beautifully scented lightweight tinted oil does not rely on a bunch of difficult-to-pronounce ingredients. Instead, Frank Body Magic Shimmer Oil harnesses coconut, jojoba and sunflower oils and mica (among others) to give the right amount of glow.

Double Digit

Count each of the oils in this blend and you’ll come up with seven stars including borage (to retain moisture), jojoba (for elasticity), and frankincense (for hydration).  With the calming fragrance of lavender and a moisturizing, but non-greasy formula, it’s a perfect 10!
Way of Will 10 Essential Sensitive Skin Face Oil, $25.00 (USD);

Traipsing through a garden is the quintessence of summer. Bursting with a slew of flowers, fruits and vegetable ingredients (think camellia seed oil, mango butter, broccoli seeds oil and sea buckthorn berry) and with the bright, uplifting fragrance of sweet orange oil, Huna Apothecary Nourish Skin Nutrition Balm is like a mini-vacay for your skin!
56g, $90.00;

The Restoration

Just because warmer weather is here it doesn’t mean you can ditch your rich face balm for something lighter. Planes, seawater, and sunshine are some of the summer conditions that can deplete moisture from your skin. Plump it up with antioxidants from rosehip, wheatgerm, and evening primrose oils, plus the soothing of frankincense essential oil.
Crawford Street Restorative Beauty Balm $55.00;

City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 Beauty Products Soap Bars

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For the kid in us all

Hydration in the form of olive oil, cocoa butter and coconut milk round out this gentle soap.
Só Luxury Cleansing Bar, $8.00;

A star is Born

Known to aid hair conditioning and moisturize skin, castor oil is the star ingredient in this soap.
Heritage Store Castor Oil Soap Moisturizing Beauty Bar, 100 g;

Delicious Combo

A gentle soap with a subtle fragrance and unusual additions like rice bran oil.
Scentuals Vanilla Tangerine Bar Soap, 115g, $4.18;

City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 Beauty Products Roll on Perfume

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Into the Forest we go

Deep and rich, this is the scent of a silent forest.
Hollybeth Organics Flourish calming perfume, 15 ml, $60.00;

Everyday Wear

For days when you just want a hint of delicate fragrance.
Scentuals Soft Jasmine Perfume Roll-On, 9 ml, $24.00;

Voyage of Discovery

A sunny scent reminiscent of a Mediterranean stroll.
Sarabecca Neroli Natural Perfume Roll-On, 7.5 ml, $16.00 (USD);


For long lasting wear, apply these roll on perfume to your pulse points which naturally heat the fragrance: wrists, inside elbows, nape of neck, behind knees and behind ears.

This original beauty article first appeared in the Summer 2019 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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