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By CSL Staff
November 28, 2018

City Style and Living Magazine Winter 2018 Holidays gift guide

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Open your mind and your heart with these books – perfect for gift giving season. From an old school planner to dream trips and
garden crafts there’s something to inspire everyone on your list. Plus, how to start a book collection.

Creative take on integrating garden treasures into your design.
By Greg Lehmkuhl. (Artisan Publishing)

Best in Travel 2019
Comprehensive guide to the destinations that will wow you.
By Lonely Planet

Blueline 2019 Weekly Planner
Bilingual, 12-month planner for those who like analogue.


Why not let gift giving become something more? Start a book collection or add to an existing one! CSL got novel tips from William Shelton, Regional Operations Manager at ThriftBooks.

What is the difference between vintage, rare and collectible books?
Vintage signifies books that pre-date the use of ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers), while rare books are those with limited quantities produced or readily available in the market, and collectibles are items that have unique value for a variety of possible reasons, including first editions, signed by the author, etc.

How can someone start a collection?
When considering a collection, keep in mind these are typically centralized on a topic, genre, author, or some other unifying theme. Understanding the terminology and valuation of these items, where to locate these books, and how to care for them are additional considerations for beginning a collection.

What should we look for when collecting books?
This is ultimately a personal decision. What matters to you most will help you establish the theme for your collection, whether a topic like a particular era in history or a particular author’s entire works, this will be the driving force. Attributes like a signature from an author, a first edition, and other qualities will increase the market value for a particular work, so it is important to know what you value about the item you will be adding to your collection to help with establishing a budget and quality of the item, both of which are critical to the market valuation.

CSL Take
We found Easy Does It a book published in 1957 by an author specializing in diet and fitness, Other than minor wear, and missing dust jacket the book looked just as it must have decades ago.

This original article first appeared in the Winter 2018/19 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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