Calendula For Skincare

September 18, 2015


Burpee Calendula Oktoberfest

Burpee Calendula Oktoberfest. Courtesy Burpee


Long considered soothing and healing for the skin, this botanical is now making its way into your cosmetics bag

The bright, sunny faces of these flowers are familiar in gardens all over this country. More commonly known as pot marigold rather than their botanical name, Calendula officinalis, these yellow blooms have been used to treat skin troubles for centuries (don’t confuse calendula with common marigolds which are a different genus).

With antiseptic and antibacterial properties, this medicinal herb also softens skin. In traditional medicine a tea or infused oil made from calendula is used to treat wounds, cuts and burns. In Traditional Chinese medicine the plant is used to increase blood circulation to the skin. While calendula is considered safe, if you have an allergy to the Asteraceae or daisy family (feverfew, chamomile, chrysanthemums, ragweed or Echinacea) you may be sensitive to calendula.

Though the plant may also be taken internally to soothe digestion, today it is primarily used topically. Calendula is prized for its high concentration of flavonoids (plant based anti-oxidants which help protect cells from free radical damage) vitamin C, luteins, and beta-carotene all of which are great for the skin. Look for products containing calendula to hydrate and soothe skin.



Calendula Products


Harness the Power of Calendula in your Cosmetics Bag

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This article first appeared in the Fall 2015 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.