Canadian Breakfast With Nunweiler’s Flour Company and 1769 Distillery

By CSL Staff
March 31, 2017

City Style and Living Magazine Nunweilers Pancake Mix and 1769 Distillery

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Show your Canadian pride (hey, we are celebrating 150 years!) and amp up your baking with third generation Canadian milled flour and Canadian maple syrup. Breakfast was never so patriotic. Oh Canada!

Pancakes: Nunweiler’s Flour Company

By now, we all know that we should cut down on our consumption of refined products – focusing on whole grains instead. The trick is to incorporate whole grains into your diet so you don’t miss any of your favourites.  Make Saturday morning pancakes even healthier with third generation, family-owned Nunweiler’s Flour Company’s Grandma Nunweiler’s old fashioned Whole Grain Pancake and Waffle Mix (see recipe below). 

Canadian grown grain is milled at low temperatures, ensuring that there are more nutrients in the end product.  The result? A sweet almost nutty taste, that is both delicious and nutrient rich and perfect for everyday baking.  The beautifully packaged, certified organic flour is also available in several high protein, low gluten ancient grain varieties (including Kamut Khorasan, red fife, spelt) as well as dark rye, buckwheat, whole wheat and all purpose.  Several grain ‘kernel’ varieties are also available.

City Style and Living Magazine Nunweilers Pancake Mix recipe and 1769 Distillery

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Maple Syrup: 1769 distillery

Is there anything more Canadian than maple syrup? Take it to the next level with 1769 Distillery Quebec maple syrup aged in oak barrels once used for Kentucky bourbon. Drizzle on pancakes or steamed pudding for a divine experience where caramel flavours are accented by vanilla and bourbon. If the eye-catching wax seal, and batch number don’t tell you this is something special, the taste sure will. Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, 375ml, $36.95.

City Style and Living Magazine Nunweilers Pancake Mix and 1769 Distillery

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Grandma Nunweiler’s Pancake Recipe

Makes 10 four-inch pancakes

1. Place 1 cup Mix in bowl.
2. Add 1 cup milk, 1/8 tsp oil and 1 egg  (optional). Stir until blended.
3. Cook on preheated griddle (400ºF/200ºC).
4. Turn when bubbles start to form and edges appear dry.


Sift the pancake mix for a fluffier texture.
Farberware Mesh Strainer.

This original recipe article first appeared in the Spring 2017 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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