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The Art of Tablescaping
City Style and Living Magazine Home Fall 2019 The art of tablescaping

Who doesn’t want to wow guests (beyond the food, of course) at their dinner party? Tablescapes allow hosts to show off their personal style and create a unique ambiance.

Fall Date Night In
Fall 2019 City Style and Living Magazine wines and spirits Fall Date Night In

Cozy evenings by the fireplace call for comfort food and simple luxuries. Trust us, you won’t miss the restaurant meal one bit!

3 Ways to Jazz Up Your Meals Asian Style
City Style and Living Magazine how to spice up asian meal

Who doesn’t love Asian food? Quick, delicious, sometimes spicy and utterly satisfying, rev up your regular at home meals with these simple tweaks to your favourite dishes.

Four Asian Ingredients Decoded
City Style and Living Magazine asian ingredients

Add a ton of flavour to dishes with these four ingredients.

Home Cooking | Editor’s Letter Spring 2016
City Style and Living Magazine In the Kitchen

Restaurants are great places full of inspiration and innovation. They provide an important cultural touchstone in today’s world. But, for millennia cooking has been the province of the home. Home cooks may even have something to teach modern day chefs.