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Saffron Quinoa Bowl

August 7, 2017 in FOOD, Recipes by kandsmedia

A vegetarian bowl with grains and protein perfect for suppertime.

2 Awesome Summer Wine and Food Pairings

August 3, 2017 in FOOD, Wine and Spirits by kandsmedia

Pair these two red wines with summer staples grilled meat and cheese.

Club Mediterranean

July 28, 2017 in FOOD, Products We Love by kandsmedia

In the past few years, the benefits of a Mediterranean diet have been the focus of countless studies. Heart healthy olive oil, antioxidant loaded tomatoes and fibre rich pasta are just a few of the delicious building blocks to flavourful, healthy meals.


July 25, 2017 in FOOD, Wine and Spirits by kandsmedia

Rosé has taken over summertime sipping, with global consumption one of the highest growing in the wine industry, increasing by 11 per cent in 8 years. Its easy drinking, bright and fresh flavour profiles (plus the pretty pink colour) make it the ideal wine for picnics, enjoying on the patio, or for pairing with light seasonal fare.

Peachy Keen

July 24, 2017 in FOOD, Wine and Spirits by kandsmedia

If Rizzo’s mood in Grease were a drink, this would be it—sweet peach with a sassy juniper punch from the Hendrick’s. Great for drinking at the drive-in.