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Einkorn: Recipes for Nature’s Original Wheat | Book Review

Einkorn, though ancient species of wheat, has its own unique peculiarities in baking and bread. Carla Bartloucci who grows the grain on her property has experimented extensively with einkorn. Her insight and expertise with einkorn form the basis for the recipes in this book.

Mulled Marsala Cocktail
city style and living magazine Mulled Marsala Cocktail

A delicious and easy to make cocktail for any occasion

Crossroads: Extraordinary Recipes from the Restaurant That Is Reinventing Vegan Cuisine

Vegan recipes from restaurateur Tal Ronnen that everyone can enjoy.

Oysters 5 ways: Mignonette
city style and living magazineMignonette oysters

Take advantage of the briny taste of the ocean by pairing with a touch of zingy acidity.

Oysters 5 ways: Rockefeller with Spinach
city style and living magazine recipes Oyster Rockerfeller

Decadent and rich, these beauties are the way to start the night out right