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Why You Should Eat More Fish and How To Prepare It
City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 Eat More fish Scallops and Papilotte

Studies show that consuming seafood is a great way to maintain overall health. The lean protein is a great source of vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, and can even help improve sleep quality. Here are CSL’s four favourites, plus tips on what to look for when choosing fish ready for the pot or the pan.

3 Spring Wine Picks To Match With Food
City Style and Living Magazine 3 Spring Wine Picks To Match With Food altos de rioja

These global choices offer light, medium and bold styles to suit your palate and your plate.

Munch and Sip Your Way Through Some of Our Faves
City Style and Living Magazine Food spring favourite gourmet products Luxardo Cherries

A fresh start, that’s what spring is all about. Begin by switching up breakfast and what better way than Canadian maple syrup, a creamy plant-based milk, a bacon alternative and a baking ingredient, ideal for pancakes. Oh, and with a cherry on top!

5 Original Snacks, Treats and Sips To Try
City Style and Living Magazine Products we love frauxmagerie

Plant based foods, mini sparklers and a sweet surprise hits all the notes for the holiday season, or any time of year.

City Style and Living Magazine Winter 2019 Recipes Cucina-Siciliana---Cassata-(credit-David-Munns)

This is a simple, classic dessert, made from ricotta and sponge cake, and should not be confused with cassata gelata, which is an ice-cream bombe. Prepare it a day ahead of time.