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Minimalist at Brookgreen Gardens
City style and living magazine style fashion blogger myrtle beach brookgreen gardens style blogger live oak alley

A simple minimalist dress with an interesting tie- knot back is perfect for exploring these amazing gardens in Myrtle Beach

Winter 2015/16 Gothic Revival at Workshop Kitchen+ Culture
Gothic Revival City Style and Living Winter2015_16 workshop kitchen and culture calgary

Winter is all about Victoriana with an edge: think rich velvet, sexy lace and tailored blazers. When combined, the look is dramatic and strong.

A Silk Slipdress and Cozy Sweater
City style and living magazine style fashion blogger silk slipdress

Ahh the 1990’s. Remember grunge, babydoll dresses and choker chains? Well they’re all back in a big way. One of CSL’s fave trends is the silk slipdress, but instead of wearing this overtly sexy nightie, 2015/16 is all about a reboot.

What to Pack | Mexican Getaway
City style and living magazine style fashion blogger what to pack riviera maya

A few suggestions for what you need for a tropical Mexican vacation!

The Viceroy Riviera Maya
city style and living magazine the viceroy riviera maya Breakfast

For Privacy: Located 10 miles north of Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, this hotel feels secluded, quiet yet maintains a luxurious tropical rainforest vibe.