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5 Lessons We’ve Learned Watching The Amazing Race
the amazing race cbs

We’ve watched The Amazing Race since its inception. It has inspired trips, made us laugh and been all too familiar (in other words, travelling regularly will make much of what happens look strangely true). The game has not taught us the formula for winning one million dollars (if it had we might be sitting on a beach right now) but it has taught us about how you can approach life and look good doing it.

Reading Up | The Layered Garden
The Layered Garden

Designing your backyard paradise with a nod to colour, texture, season and time.

Book Review | Thrifty Gardening From the Ground Up
Thrifty Gardening From The Ground Up

Thrifty tips to take to your garden this summer.

Palm Wonderful A New Book Explores This Intriguing Tree
Martius Book of Palms

The fascinating world of palms.

In Love With Colour: Editors’ Letter Summer 2015
Peacock Building India

“Colour is essential for life,” writes Frank H. Mahnke, the environmental designer who has studied colour since 1973. We at City Style and Living (CSL) try to celebrate colour in every issue – from the exuberance of travel and the quiet simplicity of monochromatic fashion to the tantalizing brilliance of food.