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Keep Fit and Fab | Fall 2016
City Style and Living Magazine yoga fitness tips and workout gear

The perfect style for your workout. Whether you’re into yoga, walking or cross training, we’ve got the look for you!

Top Ways to Increase Your Metabolism
City Style and Living Magazine Metabolism

Rev up your metabolism with these simple ideas.

Wear Your #EarthLove Proudly
city style and living teeki workout gear

A stylish way to be eco-friendly while working out.

Make your Own Lipstick
city style and living natural lip balm beauty

It’s easy to make your own lipstick at home with a few natural ingredients.

Cure Back Pain
Cat Pose

Here is a basic exercise familiar to anyone who practices yoga or Pilates. It helps to improve the back’s ability to bend and stretch and is safe if performed correctly. The basic idea is not to strain as well as to use your breathing to mobilize your back.