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Ron Maynard

Q&A with the head chef of Sea Breeze Beach House.

2016 Pastry Chef ShowcasePost Hotel Dessert
The 2016 Pastry Chef Showcase in Photos

Photos from the 2016 Pastry Chef Showcase presented by the Pastry Chef Guild of Alberta with funds raised to support L’Arche Calgary, and SAIT Baking and Pastry Arts.

Executive Chef John Benton of Venue in Lincoln Nebraska.
John Benton | Venue in Lincoln Nebraska

John Benton, Venue in Lincoln Nebraska. A rooftop garden, hand-cut-in-house beef, in-house charcuterie and pasta reflect an ethos of sustainable, fresh, local food. Venue also has an extensive wine list available.

Executive Chef and owner Nick Strawhecker, and a rabbit and persimmion dish.
Nick Strawhecker | Dante Pizzeria Omaha

Nick Strawhecker | Dante Pizzeria Omaha. The owner and executive chef has an enviable resume and delivers delicious plates of food.

Executive Chef Paul Kulik Le Bouillon Omaha
Paul Kulik | Le Bouillon Omaha

Paul Kulik | Le Bouillon. There is a level of ambition here [in Nebraska] like the vast prairie that surrounds it, but it is kept in check by humility. As Executive Chef Paul Kulik of Le Bouillon in Omaha pronounces, “[We’re] the best kept food secret in America….”

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Clayton Chapman | The Grey Plume Omaha

Clayton Chapman| The Grey Plume Omaha. Lauded as one of the premier chefs in the state, I have heard plenty of accolades about the executive chef, Clayton Chapman of The Grey Plume well before dining at his restaurant in Omaha…

Shonn Oborowsky | Creative Appeal

“I LOVE WHEN CUSTOMERS FEEL AT HOME.  Sometimes they’ll walk in the back door of the kitchen. I like that. It makes me feel like I’m doing my job right when they’re that  comfortable,” says executive chef and owner of Characters Shonn Oborowsky. With a menu that announces “the only thing in the world not
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Geoff Rogers | Locally Grown

“That was the thought on the food – make it an experience,” explains Geoff Rogers, the restaurant’s executive chef who has worked at a number of restaurants notably Muse, River CafĂ©, and Vintage Chophouse, staged in Montreal, Vancouver and worked briefly on a yacht in British Columbia. Dining has changed in the last ten years
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Ivan Ng | High Fashion Meets Cafe Cuisine

  Beginning his career in High school, Chef Ivan Ng knew his path was in cooking from early on. A graduate of NAIT, Ng joined team Alberta and team Canada, participating in culinary competitions throughout the globe, “It was so self-fulfilling. It just reflected – this is what I was born to do. It gave
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Cheryl Wallbank | Comfort Baking Rebel

TRAINING: This is my second career. I was a working artist. I graduated from ACAD with a major in ceramics and minor in painting and drawing. I eventually ended up at SAIT in the two year program for baking and pastry arts, and I have four advanced certifificates in ingredient technology from the American institute
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