Chelsea Alehouse Brewery Michigan

By Shivana Maharaj
March 17, 2015

Chelsea Alehouse Brewery

Chelsea Alehouse Brewery’s Chris Martinson. /K&S Media


Chelsea Alehouse Brewery is one amongst several micro-breweries in Michigan.

Deep chocolate and mushroom notes are balanced by a caramel finish as I take a sip of a delicious dark Chelsea Alehouse Brewery stove pipe stout.  As one of more than 180 micro-breweries in Michigan, brewmaster Chris Martinson’s exuberance for Chelsea is apparent. “Chelsea is a great little town- a lot of events throughout the year.  We want [Chelsea Alehouse] to be a really active community space.” With trademark handlebar mustache, Martinson guides me through a beer flight, beginning with a light Waterloo wheat beer and rounding out with the rich full bodied notes of espresso and cabernet in the Hollier 8 Bourbon Barrel Aged Hopped Black Ale.

This article first appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.