Cheryl Wallbank | Comfort Baking Rebel

By Shivana Maharaj
September 9, 2010

Photography By Derrick Woo

TRAINING: This is my second career. I was a working artist. I graduated from ACAD with a major in ceramics and minor in painting and drawing. I eventually ended up at SAIT in the two year program for baking and pastry arts, and I have four advanced certifificates in ingredient technology from the American institute of baking. The arts training is very helpful for me to vocalize my ideas to students.

WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE A FEMALE PASTRY CHEF? testosterone in this world, but the industry is changing. For example, the number of students enrolled in the pastry program at SAIT is now predominantly female. As far as executives in a kitchen, women are still the minority.

BIGGEST INFLUENCE: Volker Baumann (head of the commercial baking department at SAIT). He was always focused on the students and a passionate educator.

Click here for a BEHIND THE SCENES SLIDESHOW from our photoshoot with Pastry Chef Cheryl.

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