Citrus Desserts

By CSL Staff
August 21, 2021

City Style and Living Summer 2021 Citrus Desserts Citrus on Stand
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Who doesn’t smile when they see a lemonade stand during the height of summer?  It’s not the only way to enjoy these tart, sweet fruit though. When life gives you beautifully plump, juicy citrus – bake!

City Style and Living Summer 2021 Citrus Desserts Lemons
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Lemons: Zesty lemons are the ultimate summer symbol

Lemon drizzle cake with confit lemon slices and pistachios

Tart, acidic and bright lemons combined with creamy, rich yogurt for a moist and light cake.

The ultra-light texture of this cake melts in the mouth and can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a dessert on its own. Gently perfumed with the zing of fresh lemons, as opposed to sharp lemon curd, and balanced with creaminess this easy to make cake comes together in less than an hour and will please the whole family.

Vibrant green and intense in flavour Royal Command Sicilian pistachios make a striking topping to this cake (one of the only Canadian suppliers of this unique nut);

City Style and Living Summer 2021 Citrus Desserts Blood Oranges
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Blood Oranges: colourful oranges make a cool presentation

Blood Orange Granita

Uniquely deep ruby juice makes a striking granita presented in it’s own skin.

A cold treat on a hot day is what summer is all about.  The deep red colour transforms to sparkling ruby crystals when frozen.  Use the granita as the base for a frozen cocktail, adding 2 oz Campari and 1oz vermouth to be transported to Southern Italy.

City Style and Living Summer 2021 Citrus Desserts Mandarin
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Mandarins: juicy mandarins are used in the curd and for presentation

Mandarin Curd Tart

Ultra honey sweetness and easy to peel make a good snack

Switch up a traditional lemon curd for a sweeter rendition, using mandarins instead.  Encased in a short crust sweet pastry or pate sable, this simple and quick dessert can be elevated by placing supremes of mandarins on the top of the curd, and a quenelle of whipped cream.

Lemons, Blood Oranges and Gold Nugget mandarins, courtesy Sunkist;

This original article first appeared in the Summer 2021 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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