Coachella Style: Inspired By The 1970s

By CSL Staff
April 13, 2015

Coachella Style

Easy style for Coachella. /Dr. Rookmin Maharaj


City Style and Living Magazine (CSL) has taken inspiration from Coachella 2015 to create a look that’s noteworthy even if you’re not jetting off to the desert music festival.

The Editor’s Notebook Travel and Style has even more on how to get the Coachella look including where to buy.  When creating your Coachella-inspired look keep in mind:

1.  The starlets that look so great at Coachella have one thing in common – bohemian chic that references that other famous festival (Woodstock).  Unfussy, hippie, and slightly revealing.

2. Most of the chic festival goers have one thing in common they are nearly all wearing white in some form.

3. Sunglasses, a hat or both.  They make this look complete.