The Crown Affair | Hair

By CSL Staff
June 4, 2016

city style and living magazine victor alfaro Crown braid

A crown braid seen at Victor Alfaro Spring/ Summer 2016 show

You’ve heard of a side part, now get ready for the side braid. The hands-down hair style of the season, this versatile look can compliment any outfit


Seen on the majority of spring runways, braids are anything but boring.  At Louis Vuitton, hair was loosely braided for a French cool-girl edge, while the crowned headband seen at Vanessa Seward was an update on the traditional ‘Heidi braid’.

City Style and Living Magazine easy how to crown braid

Easily create this modern updo / K&S Media

For a subtle look, take a 3 inch section of hair from the front of your head and braid, securing with an elastic and tuck into the back of your ear.  Or, try a fishtail braid with ends brought to the side of the shoulder. For a side braid begin with a side part, then braid the thickest section only and secure with an elastic. Then take the remaining section of hair and the end of the braid and twist into a bun. Secure with bobby pins.

Finally, to easily create the ultimate crown, start by parting hair into two.  Tightly braid each section and secure with a translucent elastic band.  Next, take the end of one braid and bring to the opposite side of head, securing the end with a bobby pin.  Repeat with the other section of hair.  Finish by tucking in any loose ends with bobby pins, and spray hair to hold in place.

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