CSL Favourites | Sahale Snacks

By Kailash Maharaj
November 9, 2010

Photography by K&S Media

Named for a Northwest Native American word for a ‘high lofty place’, Sahale founders Josh Schroeter and Edmond Sanctis, created the snacks after an intense hike on Mount Rainier in Washington in 2003 that left the pair craving a healthy, and nourishing trail mix- like nibble. Sahale uses whole nuts (cashews, pecans, almonds hazelnuts, peanuts), combined with natural (and preservative free) fruits and to make the experience even more gourmet, ingredients like lemongrass, balsamic vinegar, Moroccan harissa, and Madagascar vanilla beans. The result? Protein rich luxurious bites that walk a fine balance between sweet and savoury and make you want to go back for more.

(142 g, $4.99, sahalesnacks.com)