Daylight Savings (Beauty) Routine

By CSL Staff
March 11, 2022

City Style and Living Spring 2022 Daylight Savings (Beauty) Routine
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Spring forward looking and feeling better than ever with a few simple tricks.

A 2019 survey conducted by Garnier SkinActive revealed that 63% of respondents feel tired and 48% feel sluggish after losing an hour of sleep when the clocks spring forward. Survey respondents reported looking tired with dark circles, loss of luminosity, dryness and puffy eyes.

Dr. Holly Phillips, RX Saver Medical Expert has a few tips to help you cope. She suggests gradually going to bed 15, 30 and then 45 minutes earlier leading up to the switch. Eschew caffeine or alcohol 4-6 hours before bedtime as it can result in sleep disruption. Ensure your bedroom is kept cool, between 15-21C. Finally, avoid electronics one hour before bed as blue light slows the release of melatonin, delaying the onset of sleep.

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This original healthy living article first appeared in the Spring 2022 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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