Earth Day Special 2015: 12 More Ways You Can Stay Green (Eco-Friendly) While Travelling

By CSL Staff
April 17, 2015


Alaska ShoreZone Program NOAA

Aerial photograph. The magnificent scenery of Lituya Bay. An earthquake here in 1958 caused a huge landslide at the head of the bay that generated the largest recorded wave in history. Trees were sheared off up to 1,720 feet above sea level on the north side of the bay. Alaska, Gulf of Alaska, Lituya Bay. /Alaska ShoreZone Program NOAA/NMFS/AKFSC; Courtesy of Mandy Lindeberg, NOAA/NMFS/AKFSC.



In honour of Earth Day, in April we’re counting down the best food, fashion and travel eco-friendly ideas we’ve ever heard. City Style and Living Magazine (CSL)  has gathered easy, proactive and affordable tips from some of our past issues (the CSL green ticker) so that you can stay green while travelling. Here’s to actively making small changes that can add up big.

Looking for Sustainable Travel Part 1? We have 11 tips that can help you stay green while travelling.  In the third part of our travel sustainability series we’ll look at visiting national parks to rekindle your love of nature. In the final part of our series we’ll look at even more ways to stay sustainable while travelling. Here’s to actively making small changes that can add up big.


Sustainable Travel Part 2

1. Eat local while abroad by visiting farmer’s markets or food markets.

2. Participate in a farm stay to connect with a region’s agricultural heritage.

3. Plan a tree-planting holiday.

4. Help track bird populations, there are many organizations who support this.

5. At your hotel, instead of leaving the bathroom light on at night, pack an LED nightlight, which uses less energy.

6. Before leaving home on holiday turn your water heater to “Vacation” or the lowest setting and adjust the thermostat.

7. Why not travel with cloth napkins?

8. Send maps and directions to your mobile or ipad or download an app.

9. When possible use a laptop instead of a desktop computer.

10. Do not charge your gadgets using the car battery.

11. Travel with direct flights when possible.

12. By driving just 8 km slower than the speed limit you can save loads of emissions.



These tips originally appeared in the Fall 2013, Summer 2013, Spring 2013, Winter 2012/13, Fall 2012, Summer 2012, Spring 2012 issues of City Style and Living Magazine.