Easy Ideas for Summer Floral Arrangements

By CSL Staff
July 6, 2016

City Style and Living Magazine Beautiful Bouquet California

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Rose and greenery floral arrangement city style and living magazine

A beautiful Rose and greenery floral arrangement / K&S Media

Celebrate summer with these five different floral arrangements including tips, and ideas to make yours just as impressive.


1 Spotlight Foliage

Use green leaves to highlight colour
Offset the colour of flowers with lots of green leaves. Instead of removing or hiding leaves, give them prominence.  Use leaves of different shapes and don’t be afraid to cluster them together. To best show off flowers, place leaves nearby for contrast.


city style and living magazine Sweet Pea Arrangement

Sweet Pea Arrangement / K&S Media

2 Simple sweet Peas

Group single varieties
These delicate beauties can be overwhelmed by too many additional flowers in your arrangement. Instead, gather a bunch of sweet peas from the garden as an easy way to make a summertime bouquet. To add interest and colour mix dark and light shades like the pink and purple sweet peas in this CSL display.


city style and living magazine Hydrangea Blue Urn

Hydrangea Blue Urn/ K&S Media

3 Go Classic 

Focus on Height
For a grand, classic display with pizzazz opt for flowers with long stems. Cut the stems to differing lengths so that when placed in a vase, the flowers appear as one full rounded bunch. To continue the classic style, choose a vase in bronze, copper or with patina.


City Style and Living Magazine Flower Alcove

Flower Alcove / K&S Media

4 Show off the Stems

Use a translucent vase
Don’t hide or cut off long green stems. Make them part of your arrangement. Invest in tall translucent vases that highlight the stems. Then stack arrangements in varying heights so the entire plant from flower to stem is showcased. CSL has shown orchids and lilies, but less expensive flowers like carnations or roses can make a huge impact.


City Style and Living Magazine Lilac Arrangement

Lilac Arrangement/ K&S Media

4 What’s Old is New

Repurpose small jars or cups or other household items as vases
Don’t have a vase? Show off blooms (wildflowers look especially nice) in household containers. Take old glass jam jars, china, or egg cups and fill with flowers. Don’t worry if they don’t match, mixing patterns and colours looks even better.

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