Easy to Grow Plants For Your Garden Wishlist

By CSL Staff
August 26, 2019

City Style and Living Magazine Healthy Living Plants to grow this season puntarelle and asparagus

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Some of the easiest to grow plants are the most beautiful and CSL has all the foolproof plants that will make you smile – no matter your space, time, or growing conditions. We’ve got the plants that tick every box of your garden wishlist.

If you want…Quick growing edible Flowers

Nasturtiums produce bright, bold, edible flowers that are quick to sprout from seed.

If you want…Beautiful Scented Blooms


Pastel colours perfect for a border, these puffy clusters of individual petals are breathtaking. Best of all, their intoxicating fragrance will make you swoon. brecksbulbs.ca

If you want…Exotic, Rare Edible

Treasure these seeds as the spiny, vegetables they produce are uncommon outside of Italy. Crunchy and pleasantly bitter, they are a cut-and come again, cold hardy wonders. westcoastseeds.com

If you want…Cold Tolerant, Rewarding Produce

These crowns will bear in less time than most asparagus which takes several years to produce spears.  As asparagus can be expensive in grocery stores, the first harvest is a real treat. westcoastseeds.com

City Style and Living Magazine Healthy Living Plants to grow this season plants in a bag

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If you want…To Grow on a Windowsill

There’s no reason to give up gardening just because you lack a plot of land. If you only have a sunny windowsill consider microgreens. We tried Gift a Green’s basil (which are notorious for dying on us) and they sprouted within days thanks to a coir growing medium, easy to grow instructions and lots of tender care. Gift A Green Microgreens Collection; giftagreen.com

If you want…To Grow in a Container

Think outside the box – reuse and repurpose old items like shoes, wine boxes, or old coffee tins. Always provide drainage (bore holes in the bottom of the container and add stones, gravel or old broken pots). Take care that the roots do not become pot bound.  

City Style and Living Magazine Healthy Living Plants to grow this season peonies

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If you want…Lovely Floriferous Bloom
They’re not a finicky as you think. Lush, bold and surprisingly easy to grow, these flowers enhance any garden.

Large, unique yellow blooms. Bartzella Itoh Peony, brecks.ca

Double blooms in candy cane colours. Peony Mixture Super Sak, brecks.ca

Classic pink crinoline petals. Peony Hardy Pink, westcoastseeds.com

This original healthy living article first appeared in the Summer 2019 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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