Editors’ Letter Winter 2014-15 | New Year

By Kailash Maharaj and Shivana Maharaj
December 31, 2014


Driving From Charleston to Kiawah South Carolina. /K&S Media.


As 2014 ends and the new adventure of 2015 begins we reflect on the passing of time and how we hope to live the new year.

Every year we seem to have the same conversation. It tends to fall along the lines of, “where did the time fly?” It seems that as we get older the time slips away faster and faster. One season barely begins and we are already anticipating its end, wistfully wishing the previous season would reappear. In the magazine industry, editors and staff are
perpetually looking to new trends, new gadgets, what’s next. When the calendar reads April we are in August preparing for swimsuits, beaches, and barbecue (all while snow is on the ground). In most jobs, in fact, we are striving to reach our next goal, meet an upcoming deadline or challenge.

And so we are, nearing the end of 2014. Another year seems to have flashed by. The end of one year and beginning of the next usually sparks reflection, introspection and sometimes regret. We look at what we could have improved on, the mistakes we made and things we should have done.

Something curious happened this year after September passed. Rather than the usual shock of nipping wind, fall settled in with an ease that it hadn’t in years. This year, winter seemed to be postponed for the first time in a long time, allowing us to really appreciate autumn.

Leaves changed slowly from green to yellow, and more than ever we noticed the sumptuous auburn, copper and rust shades on the trees that, in previous years, changed at an accelerated speed and went unnoticed.

Now, outside, the evergreen trees are topped with freshly fallen snow, the ground a blanket of the fluffy stuff. Instead of focusing on the (sometimes) bitter cold, the snowflakes seem to glimmer with the sun’s reflection. It made us think. This year, instead, we shall try not to look backward or forward. This year, try to look at right now.

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2014/15 issue of City Style and Living Magazine