Fall 2017 Accessories Report

By CSL Staff
November 14, 2017

Fall’s must-haves include rich textures, unusual shapes and unexpected colours to make you excited to experiment.


VINTAGE These are not the fluffy, multicoloured tassels plastered on Instagram but a sophisticated take that would not look amiss on Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express.

GRUNGE REDUX A cross between Dr Martens and psychedelic 70s sequin platforms these shoes were made to make a statement.

PUMP It UP Pumps with colour block detail make it easy to pair with a multitude of outfits. Plus, a buckle closure and vintage style give it oomph.


NEW CLASSIC Bright pink adds a hint of difference to the well-known quilted stitching and round link chain typical of Chanel. The shape too hints at the contours of a cellphone. Classic Coco meets the 21st century.

SADDLE UP A crossbody saddle bag references the autumnal equestrian tradition. Emphasize the season with a bag in cocoa instead of the normal black, grey or white.

ETHNIC Translate ethnic textile patterns to leather and you get a vibrant, colourful purse that will brighten any outfit.

UNIQUE Remember the lunchbox you had as a kid? It has made its way to accessory fave by echoing the kitsch of a bygone era.


CAP IT OFF An exaggerated baseball cap in knitted wool is perfect for making a blazer and jeans look uber cool and casual.

FRENCH TWIST Think asymmetrical beret in cool grey leather and you have a hat that’s perfect with a velvet suit or pleated skirt.

TOQUE Don’t over think this one – just grab a toque with bold graphics which will warm ears and still look rockin’ with jeans and a sweater.

SO NOW Winking at the classic millinery of Coco’s day, this flat brimmed hat sports a ribbon and brooch clasp but the colour is so now.