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City Style and Living Magazine. Korean Fried Chicken
Korean Fried Chicken

Crisp, savoury and spicy, these little chicken wings pack a punch of flavour.

City Style and Living Magazine fall 2016 gourmet products to try
Best of the Season | Fall 2016

From a British born cracker, and a Canadian success story to the flavours of Japan and Indian street food inspiration, this seasons best food products.

City Style and Living gibbs smith potato salad with apple and bacon
Potato Salad With Bacon and Apples

Great for a potluck, as a side dish or a simple supper.

city style and living spirits haymans gin
A Tale of Two Gin

A spirit, made from a blend of botanicals, gin is meant to be mixed and truly comes alive in cocktails.

Salmon City Style and Living Magazine
Simple Summer Seafood Ideas

A Fish Tale: In a rush? Seafood is one of the quickest cooking proteins, and meals can be made in minutes.

city style and living wine lesson viognier
Wine Lesson: Viognier

CSL’s Wine Lesson: A floral white wine that is a delightful patio sipper, and great food partner

City Style and Living Magazine products for the kitchen, one coffee, nandos, gaiam
Superb Six: Products For the Kitchen

What you should buy now for your kitchen pantry

city style and living magazine fish cake with mint pesto
Crab Cake With Chili Oil and Mint Pesto

An uplifting if unusual flavour in pesto, mint is a well loved herb that cuts the richness of this crab cake.

havana club mojito
Classic Mojito

This classic rum cocktail highlights the freshness of mint.

city style and living oatmeal parfait recipe easy
Oatmeal Parfait

Oatmeal Upgrade: Think of oatmeal as a stodgy old fashioned stalwart? Think again with this easy breakfast that really wows.