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City Style and Living Magazine Wine Lovers Kitchen Mushroom-Soup Mowie Kay
Mushroom, Mustard and Madeira Soup

A rich, intensely delicious soup that makes a good first course for a dinner party.

City Style and Living Magazine peach moscow mule final copper mug
Peach Moscow Mule

Add a twist to the traditional, with juicy ripe peaches

City Style and Living Magazine world pantry products for fall 2017
5 Great New Food Products for Your World Pantry

Celebrate a taste of Spain, Canada, India and South America with these healthy, delicious and unique products.

City Style and Living Magazine mauviel copper pots
Copper Pots and Pans a Cooks Best Friend

Much more than a beautiful kitchen accessory, copper pots and pans can be the home cook’s best friend – here’s why.

City Style and Living Magazine Cider Apple Cart tasting cider book
Apple Cart

“When discussing all things apple, it’s important to me to not only use apple-related products but complementary flavors that taste incredible alongside apples,” says Lauren Mote, the co-proprietor of bitters and tincture producer Bittered Sling and bar manager at the ultrasleek UVA in Vancouver. For the celebrated Canadian cocktail queen, the Apple Cart is a liquid embodiment of this stance on true flavors. “It is a combination of great ingredients, topped with a funky, tart, and refreshing cider,” she says of the cocktail.

Dewar's for Thanksgiving City Style and Living
Celebrate Thanksgiving With Dewar’s

Consider whisky as your signature holiday sip this Thanksgiving

City Style and Living Magazine Bowls Better then a Kebab

With Middle Eastern flavours and lots of vegetables, this bowls highlights the ancient grain freekeh, a roasted green wheat.

City Style and Living Magazine parsley Pesto
Flat Leaf Parsley Pesto

An alternative to well-known basil pesto, this version has a tangy flavour with notes of lemon.

City Style and Living Magazine herbs you should know
6 Herbs You Should Get to Know

You know these green beauties can make any dish more delish. But, each also has a unique smell and taste perfect for experimenting with a range of cuisines.

City Style and Living Magazine Pea mint Pasta easy recipe
Handmade Pasta Layered with Fresh Ricotta, Mint and Peas

A light, easy to make pasta dish that pairs excellently with pinot gris.