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Shrimp Dumplings in Bamboo Steamer
3 Great Asian Inspired Dipping Sauces

3 simple and tasty dipping sauces perfect with shrimp dumplings, rice wraps or wantons.

Herbal Citrus Cider Margarita. /K&S Media.
Cocktails |Herbal Citrus Cider Margarita

Nothing beats the refreshing crisp-tangy-sweet taste of a cold cider on a warm day. Welcome spring with this ridiculously simple cocktail that will have your guests guessing the secret ingredient.

Apples Growing on the Tree
Cider Rules the Canadian Market

Visit any local liquor store and you’ll see entire aisles dedicated to cider. Long a favourite in the United Kingdom which has the largest per capita consumption in the world, this orchard derived alcoholic drink is making a comeback in Canada.

La Mar Causa Cangrejo
Causa Cangrejo From La Mar Miami

Diego Oka of La Mar Miami shares his recipe for one of Peru’s most famous dishes which is easy to make at home.

La Mar Miami Cebiche Clasico
The Next Great It Cuisine: Peruvian

This hot trendy cuisine has ancient roots that have been enriched by waves of immigration and vast geographical differences.

Shrimp Dumplings Steaming in a Pan
Recipe | Shrimp Dumplings

These delicious dumplings are easy to make at home and you can tailor the fillings to your taste.

Beets at Market K and S Media
Earth Day Special 2015: 13 Ways To Stay Green in the Kitchen (Food)

In honour of Earth Day, starting today and every Wednesday in April we’re counting down the best food, fashion and travel eco-friendly ideas we’ve ever heard. City Style and Living Magazine (CSL) has gathered easy, proactive and affordable tips from some of our past issues (the green ticker) so that you can stay green in the kitchen. Here’s to actively making small changes that can add up big.

Supergrains Cook Your Way To Great Health
Book Review | Supergrains: Cook Your Way to Great Health By Chrissy Freer

This book explores breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes based on quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, brown rice, chia, millet, oats, spelt, kamut, barley, farro and freekeh.

Back to Nature Organic Bars
Taste of Nature Organic Bars

These Canadian-made bars are delicious.

Carrington Farms Milled Flax Seeds
Carrington Farms Milled Flax Seeds

Great in smoothies, dukka, sprinkled over salads or as a baking substitution.