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Kieron Hales Zingermans Cornman Farms The Modern Farmer Kieron Hales, managing partner of Zingerman’s Cornman Farms in Dexter talks to CSL about the genesis of the farm.

Slurping Turtle Ann Arbor Ramen Slurping Turtle in Ann Arbor will make you want to finish every bite of its Japanese comfort food, you may even slurp your noodles.

Port Glazed Salmon at Logan Logan An American Restaurant brings American bistro classics with an Asian twist to Ann Arbor Michigan.

Zingermans Creamery John Loomis and a GelatoDisplay Zingerman’s Creamery in Ann Arbor Michigan makes cheese, and gelato from local milk.

Mezzevino Ann Arbor Interior Mezzevino in Ann Arbor Michigan serves Mediterranean mezze.

The Brinery Ann Arbor Specializing in fermented food, The Brinery is a unique culinary find in Ann Arbor.

Table-of-Food Aventura Ann Arbor Aventura offers diners Spanish tapas in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Executive Chef Paul Kulik Le Bouillon Omaha Paul Kulik | Le Bouillon. There is a level of ambition here [in Nebraska] like the vast prairie that surrounds it, but it is kept in check by humility. As Executive Chef Paul Kulik of Le Bouillon in Omaha pronounces, “[We’re] the best kept food secret in America….”

City Style an dLiving Magazine clayton chapman food Clayton Chapman| The Grey Plume Omaha. Lauded as one of the premier chefs in the state, I have heard plenty of accolades about the executive chef, Clayton Chapman of The Grey Plume well before dining at his restaurant in Omaha…

Pitch pizza omaha city style and living magazine CSL Insider | The Ultimate Pizza Crawl in Omaha. Check out the top pizza picks in the city.