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Food | A Teatro Spring Lunch

Taste Test | Vanilla

With one hundred and fifty varieties, and two hundred and fifty organic compounds comprising its unique flavour profiles, vanilla is the number one recognized flavour. From bourbon to Madagascar, vanilla bean to vanilla paste, the comforting taste will instantly alter your mood.   Aust and Hachmann Bourbon Vanilla Extract Premium Gourmet 2X, price upon request,
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Tasting Notes | Hugos

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/2009 Hugos/”/] The Restaurant and The Chef Originally from Mexico, Chef Hugo Ortega immigrated to the United States working as a night janitor and dishwasher in restaurants, gradually becoming a line cook in Houston in 1990. “I worked on my English skills and was able to graduate from Houston Community College Culinary Program and
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Wine | Ceago’s Jim Fetzer on Biodynamic Wine

Jim Fetzer on the story behind the newest old tradition in wine: biodynamic wine. Q. What is biodynamic wine? A. Biodynamic wine is Wine Made from certified Biodynamic grapes fermented with wild yeast, no use of enzymes or other synthetic additives. What does the process of converting to biodynamic entail? Converting from conventional farming is
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Newport Grill | Two’s Company

  Dean and Jerry. Bonnie and Clyde. Truffles and cream. The world is full of great pairs—well matched duos that enhance each other. Self-described cooking school sweethearts turned married chefs, Chad and Heather Gould Hawke (executive chef at The Newport Grill) add a nuance to the mix—mutual admiration and a cheeky, lighthearted rivalry in the
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Heather and Chad Gould Hawke | It Takes Two

Both Heather and Chad Gould Hawke knew almost immediately after high school what they wanted to do with their lives. Heather’s upbringing in British Columbia farmland made it natural for her to transition into cooking. The daughter of European parents, Heather’s family knew how to make everything from scratch. For chef Chad Gould Hawke, the eminent
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CSL Interviews | Cecilia Tessieri of Amedei Chocolate

  Their dream to make the best chocolate in the world, from bean to bar led the sister and brother team Alessio and Cecilia Tessieri to form exclusive contracts with producers in Venezuela, Trinidad, Grenada, Ecuador, and Jamaica and to create Amedei. Earning the golden bean award from London’s Academy of chocolate for three years,
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Rasoi | Purple Reign

    Just weeks before my interview at Rasoi Kitchen, an Indian-inspired restaurant which opened in July in Marda Loop, reports of food shortages hit the airwaves, and as the day of our meeting approaches, news of an impending economic crisis explodes. It is certainly not the most fortuitous prelude….. Rasoi Kitchen 101 2215 33rd
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CSL Interviews | Art Pollard of Amano Artisanal Chocolate

Founder of Amano chocolates based in Utah, USA, Art Pollard has travelled the world in search of the best cocoa beans. The former physics student pursued a challenge to make his own chocolate from bean to bar. CSL: How did you get involved in the chocolate business? Pollard: For as far back as I can
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Taste Test | Chocolate

CACAO VS. COCO: You may have noticed our spelling and use of cocoa versus cacao. They are two different things altogether. While CACAO refers to theobroma cacao, the tree containing colourful pods with seeds and to the dried partly fermented seeds COCOA usually refers to chocolate derived from the plant in its pulverized form. WHAT
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