Gems | Sweet Lollapalooza

By Shivana Maharaj
January 1, 2014


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Photo’s courtesy Sweet Lollapalooza

Life is more than a box of chocolates for Alberta chocolatier Brett Roy of Sweet Lollapalooza, who picked up two prestigious silver medals at The International Chocolate Awards in London in October 2013 with his ‘Pure Nacional’ and ‘Raspberry Noir dark’ chocolate bonbons, beating out more than 800 entries from around the world. Roy’s inspiration? “From classic confections and cocktails to the tastes we experience in vibrant cities around the world. My career in the culinary arts has given me the tools to experiment with flavour pairings without losing the essence of the chocolates I work with. I regularly train with some of the best chocolatiers in the world to keep myself open to new ideas and new techniques.” We are over the moon about Lollapalooza delicious fruity and buttery caramels; toasted coconut chocolate disks, and eye catching double layer of mixed chocolates in a beautiful silvery teal box.

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