Get Inspired By Tofino Soap Company

By CSL Staff
April 22, 2016


Tofino Soap Company FlatLay

Tofino Soap Company. /K&S Media.


A beautiful line of handmade body care products made in Canada.

The delightful pastel colours of Tofino Soap Company’s signature cleansing bar conjure seaside images befitting its B.C. origins. The handcrafted, organic line includes natural sponges, balms, candles, oils, scrubs and soap. We loved the sustainably harvested natural sea sponge and multipurpose calm balm (made with lavender and chamomile). With inspiring names like aloha, glow, love and peace, every product is a little reminder that beauty begins with attitude.

Cleansing bars clockwise from top left: Aloha Hawaiian jasmine, papaya and hibiscus flowers, $10; Surf  coconut, seaweed and mint, $10; Mermaid bergamot, basil and sea salt, $10.  All from Tofino Soap Company.

This original article first appeared in the Spring 2016 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.