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City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 Eat More fish Scallops and Papilotte
Why You Should Eat More Fish and How To Prepare It

Studies show that consuming seafood is a great way to maintain overall health. The lean protein is a great source of vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, and can even help improve sleep quality. Here are CSL’s four favourites, plus tips on what to look for when choosing fish ready for the pot or the pan.

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2019 Gourmet Finds Earls
4 Ways to Make Tastier, Quicker and More Eco-Friendly Food

4 easy tweaks to make your food more tasty, eco-friendly, and quick to prepare.

City Style and Living Magazine Food Fall 2019 Herbs to brighten any dish
4 Herbs to Brighten Any Dish

Herbs boost the flavour of any dish, allowing you to use less oil and salt, but also have a slew of nutritional benefits. CSL has selected four of our faves that will transform your cooking.

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2019 Food Gourmet finds Corn Market
Fresh Corn, The Ultimate Guide

The ultimate quick guide to getting the most out of CSL’s pick of the season: fresh corn.

City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 Food seasonings spices
Open Season Salt and Ground Chilli

A dash of seasoning brightens any dish! CSL’s top 5 picks that will have you reaching to your spice cupboard more often than ever before.

City Style and Living Magazine Spring 2019 Spring Baking Toolkit
Spring Baking Toolkit

CSL has 3 delicious recipes and the tools, tips, techniques and ingredients to make your baking no fuss!

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2018 gourmet finds Pepper on Spoons
Crush It: Hot Pepper Sauces From Around the World

Their birthplace may be the Americas, but chilies have certainly made their way around the world. Embraced in a variety of preparations from mildly spicy to punching heat, CSL shares ways to use them in your cooking.

City Style and Living Magazine Gourmet Food Honey on plate and honeycomb
The Secret Life of Honey

A golden elixir lauded by every culture in the world, a boon in the kitchen and medicine cabinet, it is the chef d’oeuvre of the honeybee.

City Style and Living Magazine mauviel copper pots
Copper Pots and Pans a Cooks Best Friend

Much more than a beautiful kitchen accessory, copper pots and pans can be the home cook’s best friend – here’s why.

City Style and Living Magazine herbs you should know
6 Herbs You Should Get to Know

You know these green beauties can make any dish more delish. But, each also has a unique smell and taste perfect for experimenting with a range of cuisines.