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By CSL Staff
September 25, 2019

City Style and Living Magazine Travel Gear Great items for travelling

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Get ready for your next trip with these items – a hiker’s guidebook, comfy on board look and a camera to capture it all.

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Canon’s EOS R, the full-frame mirrorless  with 30.3-megapixel delivers super sharp images, an ISO range of 100-40,000 that are ideal perfect for low lighting situations and provides excellent  AF performance that makes it ideal as a travel camera.  Add the RF 50mm, and family/couple portraits look both professional and scenic with soft bokeh (slight blur) background.

City Style and Living Magazine Travel great items for your next trip wildflowers of the rocky mountain region book

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Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountain Region By Denver Botanic Gardens
A colour coded guide to the most common flora you’ll encounter on hikes and walks throughout the region spanning from New Mexico north through BC and Alberta. Helpful illustrated guides on each inside cover provide the vocabulary necessary to describe elements of each plant. This is also a helpful guide for gardeners looking to cultivate native species.


The formula for fall: a breathable hat plus a classic sweatsuit combination, for a comfy, stylish onboard look.

Tilley Endurables T4MO-1 Hiker’s Hat, $115.00;

Roots Salt and Pepper original full zip hoody, $82; Salt and Pepper Original Sweatpant Regular, $74.00;

This original travel article first appeared in the Fall 2019 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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