How to | Architecural Beauty

March 16, 2010

Photography Mercedes fashion week, Daniel Thompson, YSL, K&S Media

So many women are afraid of bright, vibrant colours for eyeshadow. There is a real risk in over applying or combining colours that do not create the desired effect. While the hottest trend is to wear multi shades of eyeshadow.

TIP: Choosing colours that are opposite to each other creates the drama without appearing clown like.

Three easy steps to follow:

1. CHOOSE COMPLIMENTARY COLOURS: Colours compliment, rather than compete, when chosen from opposite ends of a spectrum. By wearing complimentary colours, instead of contrasting ones, a dramatic effect can be created without worry of too much make up. For basic eyeshadow colours wear:
Blue with Orange
Purple with Yellow
Red with Green
Orange with Turquoise
Yellow with Pink
Green with Violet

2. REMEMBER LIGHT AND SHADOW: Good make up is dependent on the correct placement of light and shadow. Wearing two deep colours together creates a bruised effect and wearing two light colours together causes a washed out effect. Make sure the colour combination has a deep tone and light tone to properly create definition. The light colour is applied first filling the eyelid from lash to brow and the dark tone is placed along the crease, contour and lash line to create the defined characteristics of eye make up. Keep in mind two matte shadows often look drab and two shimmering shadows look frosted – try to mix both matte and shimmer in every application

3. GRADUATE THE COLOUR: The lashes are the darkest part of the eye make up. Match eyeliner and mascara to create a graduated effect. Black with black, brown with brown, blue with blue etc. From the lash line apply make up so it becomes lighter as it reaches the brow. Don’t forget the power of a great white eyeshadow to place in all the areas that should have been light but appear too dark. Highlighters are a great way to create definition without adding more “make up”. Good brushes are essential and will certainly make the application more smooth and professional looking).